Goth Poe

Was there anyone ever more goth than Edgar Allan Poe? He wrote creepy stories of death and murder. He wrote poems of longing for dead loved ones. C’mon, how could you top that?

Don’t get me wrong — I like Poe’s writings. He really brings you into his stories and grabs you by the guts. “The Tell-Tale Hear” creeped me out for a while after I read it. So did “The Pit and the Pendulum.” And then there’s “The Raven” is totally classic Halloween goodness (even though it takes place in December).

As a tribute to this master of dark stories, here’s a shirt below … it’s available at Zazzle on many shirt styles for dudes and ladies.

Goth - Edgar Allan Poe


Patriotic USA Chevron Shower Curtain

patriotic chevron shower curtain

I don’t just enjoy creating designs for t-shirts, but a whole lot more merchandise than those. It’s something I hope do more of, to put cool patterns and neat designs on merchandise for sale through CafePress and Zazzle.

Here’s one cool pattern I created, a patriotic chevron for a shower curtain. It’s up for sale at CafePress. You get neat zig-zag lines of the good, ole’ red, white, and blue in your bathroom!

Pumpkin Surprise

Pumpkin Surprise shirt

A cute cartoon for this time of year. A pumpkin sits at a barber’s chair and says, “Surprise me,” to the barber, who’s a knife. Very clever! It’s up to our imagination what that knife barber (with a nifty mustache) is going to carve for a jack o’ lantern.

You can get this at Zazzle on loads of colors, shirt styles. The design is from the Hiliter store.

Electrical Outlet — Quick and Easy Halloween Costume

Electrical Outlet shirt

Having a hard time deciding on a costume to wear on Halloween? Well, you can’t get much easier or quicker than this electrical outlet shirt!

Also, this shirt can be evergreen. Wear it every year instead of having to go through the mental anguish of deciding what costume you’ll pick for each Halloween. That decision will be made much easier: I’ll be an electrical outlet again! Yes!

And you can wear it any day — not just on Halloween. It’s a funny shirt, not just a costume.

This isn’t one of my designs. It’s brought to you from the CuteNComfy store.

Also, this store offers an outlet as a sticker that could be a fun prank. When you’re at a friend’s house and slap this sticker on the wall, all secret like, you just might surprise them. “Hey, I don’t remember an outlet here. How convenient, and I can plug in the vacuum cleaner easier.” Hilarity will ensue as they try to plug the vacuum into a fake outlet.

Or, at least, that’s how the ideal prank would go. You can get the sticker here.

Electrical Outlet sticker

Bat Attitude

bat attitude shirt

Following up yesterday’s funny shirt about a ball being scared of bats, here’s one of my t-shirt designs on Zazzle: i got a bat attitude. There’s an illustration of a bat, with the saying underneath in a cool, gothic-style font. Available here on a ton of different shirt colors and types.

Bats Are the Worst

Bats are the worst shirt

When I saw this shirt design on Zazzle, I just had to post it. How many designs combine vampires and baseball? Very clever — especially in October, when Halloween brings thoughts of spooky stuff and post-season MLB baseball is in full swing! (Yes, swing pun intended, however bad.)

The speech bubble reads, “Vampires are scary, but bats are the worst.” And that cute baseball looks awfully scared. I would be! Those major league batters can crush the ball.

This isn’t my shirt design — it’s from the Halloweenies store. And you can find the webpage for this shirt here.